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The 1-54 Annual Book 2020/2021


The 1-54 Annual Book is a significant compilation of all the artists, galleries, and programming platformed at and presented by 1-54 over a single year. Alongside a biography and work for every artist presented (300+), and a profile about every gallery (70+), the catalogue also includes transcriptions of three of the most impactful and memorable panel discussions to take place over 1-54 Forum and unique artist interviews.

This inaugural edition is a substantial endeavour that includes four editions of the fair in a year of change: 1-54 London 2020; 1-54 Paris at Christie’s 2021; 1-54 New York 2021 and 1-54 London 2021.

Pages: 404
Images: 350
Size: 19 x 25.5 cm
ISBN: 978-1-9164108-6-2